B&O HX headphones offer 35-hour battery life for $499

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Bang & Olufsen's $499 Beoplay HX headphones have 35-hour battery life, a premium build, and MFi certification for easy iPhone and iPad pairing.

The new Beoplay HX wireless headphones include Bang & Olufsen's "enhanced noise cancelation" and a "lightweight" build. They are made of aluminum, cowhide, plastic, and lambskin.

Battery life is a standout feature in the over-ear headphones. The HX's estimated 35 hours surpasses the 20 hours of AirPods Max and 30 hours of the Sony WH-1000XM4.

B&O says its 35-hour listening estimate is with both Bluetooth and active noise cancelation (ANC) activated. With ANC turned off, the company boosts its estimate up to 40 hours.

The company describes the Beoplay HX's audio profile as "well-balanced bass and treble performance combined with a clear midrange." The headphones appear to prioritize accuracy rather than a dramatic presentation with boosted bass and treble. The company says its standard profile allows you to "enjoy music the way the artist intended" on Apple Music, Spotify, and other music sources.

The Bang & Olufsen app, available in the App Store, adds equalizer settings for a personalized presentation.

The HX's $499 price point places it in between some of its most popular rivals. Apple's AirPods Max costs $549, while Bose 700 costs $379, the Sony WH-1000XM4 runs $349, and the Sennheiser Momentum 3 is priced at $399.

The Beoplay HX supports Bluetooth 5.1 and is certified for Made for iPhone (MFi), Microsoft Swift Pair, and Google Fast Pair for quick setup on various devices. They allow for simultaneous connections with two devices.

The headphones ship in three colors: Black Anthracite, Sand (light beige), and Timber (tan and silver). The black variant is shipping, while the sand and timber options are listed as "coming soon."


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