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Podswap review: trade in old AirPods for a pair with new batteries

Refurbished AirPods with new batteries from Podswap


4.0 / 5

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Trade in your old 1st or 2nd generation AirPods and get a refurbished pair with new batteries from Podswap.

The way every battery degrades over time involves relatively simple chemistry and physics, and small batteries can degrade very quickly with use. Regardless of the platform, whether it's your Mac, iPad or iPhone, your battery will eventually lose its ability to hold a charge.

Of all Apple's devices, the degradation of AirPods batteries is the most noticeable, in part due to the battery in each earpiece being quite small. This is also compounded by the complete lack of user repairability.

Apple has solutions, of course. Users with Apple Care+ can swap out old AirPods with degraded batteries at no charge, as long as it's within two years of purchase. Without Apple Care+, replacing a single AirPods or AirPods Pro through Apple costs $49.

Apple's pricing for replacing AirPods

Podswap is the first company to develop propriety engineering techniques that allows it to physically replace the battery inside AirPods. For $59.99, Podswap will ship you a refurbished pair of AirPods with a new battery in exchange for your old 1st or 2nd generation pair.

For users who have lost a single AirPod, Podswap also offers a "One for Two AirPods Replacement Swap" for $89.99. The company is also working towards adding AirPods Pro to their service, but that is not available just yet.

My 1st generation AirPods

I had a first-generation pair of AirPods bought just a month after they were first released. The batteries became unusable, and I chose to swap them out. After ordering, the refurbished pair from Podswap arrived within five business days.

Since the AirPods you receive from Podswap are refurbished, they can include fine scratches or imperfections on the exterior. The pair I received looked almost brand new.

Users keep their old charging case, as that isn't swapped by the firm. Customers are also unable to reclaim their old AirPods after they've been sent to Podswap.

Refurbished pair from Podswap

Shipping the old AirPods involved putting them in a supplied ziplock bag, resealing a box, and used the included return shipping label. Failure to return your old AirPods to Podswap results in an additional fee of $49.

Once a pair has been refurbished, they are cleaned with medical-grade solutions and delivered in sterilized, "no-touch" packaging.

Use the same packaging to return your old AirPods

After placing the refurbished pair into my old charging case, they paired easily with my Apple devices and worked fine. Battery life is great and like new. The Podswap silicone "Protective Case Cover" can be added to any order for an additional $4.99.

If you have 1st or 2nd generation AirPods with significantly degraded battery life, we highly recommend giving Podswap a try. They are only shipping within the US but hope to expand to more countries in the future.


  • Fast shipping
  • Refurbished AirPods in great condition
  • Battery life is like-new
  • Easy process


  • Only available in the US
  • Not available for AirPods Pro

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