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Apple Fitness+ gains pregnancy workouts, older adults training, and Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda on Apple Watch's Time to Walk series

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Jane Fonda is the latest celebrity to contribute her story to Time to Walk on Apple Fitness+, and her addition comes alongside new workouts for pregnant women, plus older adults.

As Pelotron cuts back its support for Apple Watch fitness, Apple itself continues to build out its Apple Fitness+ program.

"Apple Fitness+ is integrated with Apple Watch to build on the goal of helping people live a better day by being more active," said Jay Blahnik, Apple's senior director of Fitness Technologies, in a statement. "With more options for getting started, and staying active and healthy during pregnancy as well as at any age or fitness level, we hope even more people will be inspired to keep moving with our amazing team of passionate trainers."

A new trainer is joining the Apple Fitness+ team too. Jonelle Lewis will be coming on board as a Yoga and Mindful Cooldown instructor. Anja Garcia, who is an existing trainer, will also start producing HIIT classes.

The new updates, and new trainers, will be available on Apple Fitness+ from April 19, 2021, just ahead of Earth Day. From that date, author, actor and activist Jane Fonda will share "inspiring stories, photos, and a few of her favorite songs," in what Apple calls the next episode of its Time to Walk series.

New workouts

Apple says that there are going to be new weekly studio sessions on yoga, strength, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) designed for novice users. These new workouts, which will be in the newly-created "Workouts for Beginners" category, are designed to be more approachable as to not alienate users who are new to the classes.

There will also be a new series of 10 workouts for pregnancy, lead by trainer Betina Gozo. Each workout is 10 minutes long and designed to work with any stage pregnancy, as well as any fitness level.

Similarly, new Workouts for Older Adults are 10-minute sessions focusing on helping "users stay active at any age."

Both of these new additions are intended to be used either on their own, or in conjunction with other Apple Fitness+ workouts.

Apple Fitness+ is a program of on-demand workouts available via a combination of Apple Watch and Apple TV. It's available as a standalone subscription for $9.99 per month, or as part of the Apple One Premiere bundle which costs $29.95 per month.

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