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Apple seeks 'Clinical Producer' to help develop healthcare products

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Apple is continuing to push its health-related initiatives further, with a job posting for a Clinical Producer' potentially helping Apple fine-tune products and services intended for the medical industry.

The job listing, which was posted to the Jobs at Apple board on Friday and first spotted by MyHealthyApple, seeks a "Clinical Producer - Health" to be based in Cupertino.

According to the listing, the individual will "guide overall development of health products in collaboration with cross-functional teams." Working with clinicians, they will also "identify key areas of focus with consideration for Apple's products, technologies, and potential for customer impact."

The candidate would have to "shepherd end-to-end development from concept to launch for Apple's health products," including working with design, engineering, and regulatory teams to define features, the user experience, and product requirements.

While the initial parts of the description could apply to a variety of consumer Apple products, such as the Apple Watch, later sections point to it being a role dealing with clients in the healthcare industry itself, rather than consumers.

Such references include partnering with clinicians to "define clinical requirements, utility, and use cases," the need to "distill clinical expertise into requirements and principles to advise product development," and to "support clinicians with crafting clinical validation studies."

While products like the Apple Watch and other fitness-related items are known to the public as part of Apple's health-inspired work, the company is also working on medical initiatives directly with healthcare providers. This currently includes its Health Records platform, but it is also reckoned Apple could disrupt the healthcare industry in other areas, such as in AI and analytics.

The job listing is a continuation of Apple's hiring spree in the medical field. In February, a job listing for a "Senior Engineer Project Manager for Health Technologies" pointed to Apple developing completely new health products.

In April, Apple sought an experienced cardiologist to join its health technology team, most likely to help the company clear regulatory hurdles associated with bringing consumer medical devices to market.

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