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Applications now open for Detroit Apple Developer Academy

Michigan State University has started taking applications to attend the Apple Developer Academy, a code education program it is partnering with Apple on in Detroit.

The Detroit Apple Developer Academy, announced in January and made in partnership with Michigan State University offers training to would-be developers looking to get into app development. On Tuesday, potential candidates for the program were able to apply to take part.

According to the MSU site for the academy, anyone aged 18 years or older can apply for the one-year program. Students will be able to work on "real-world challenges and connect with community and industry partners."

The month-long Foundations program is also available for those seeking to learn about the app economy and to dip their toe into coding and design.

There are no prerequisites to apply for the academy, aside from age, with no preparation required for the application. The application process itself involves filling in a form that will take in the region of 30 minutes.

Applicants also have to supply a video that is up to 30 seconds long and up to 100 megabytes in size, to show "one thing you're really good at and that you could teach anyone in the Academy."

The application period will end on June 30,2021 at 11:59p.m., with applicants expected to receive emails about the next steps in July.

It is believed that the academy will be located in Detroit's First National Building. Permits discovered on May 8 show it as occupying around 37,000 square feet of space across two floors.

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