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Apple stops online sales of Hermes AirTag, possibly over quality problems

The online Apple Store has temporarily stopped selling the Hermes AirTags in the United States, in what could be a precautionary measure over potential quality issues.

Visitors to the online version of the Apple Store are not able to buy any of the AirTag Hermes products on Monday, with all three items listed as "currently unavailable." This includes the $349 key ring, the $299 bag charm, and the $449 luggage tag models.

The website doesn't mention why the premium model is unavailable at this time, but the phenomenon isn't limited to just the United States. AppleInsider checks found that both the luggage tag and key ring versions aren't available in the UK and France, yet the bag charm continues to be sold in those markets.

The lack of availability applies to all color variations of the affected models, which may be more a sign of a product-related issue than one of simply selling out of stock.

Apple doesn't state why the items are unavailable, but it may be due to quality problems. According to 9to5Mac, one reader's keyring came undone at the metal post. Calls to AppleCare secured a replacement, but on arriving at the store one day later, the replacement was unavailable.

Other accessories for the AirTag sold by Apple directly remain available to purchase.

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