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New TagVault: Pet is an AirTag holder for dog collars

TagVault: Pet on a dog collar

ElevationLab has launched the TagVault: Pet, a waterproof AirTag holder that connects to collars or harnesses for dogs.

TagVault: Pet is a new AirTag mount that is intended to be used for tracking dogs. ElevationLab claims that it works with most collar thicknesses, and is suitable for dogs — or cats — that weigh over 10lbs.

The company also says that it works with any width collar, but there is a limitation on how thick that collar or harness can be. The company says that it works with collars up to 0.20 of an inch, which is about 99% of collars. Elevation Lab does note that "some doubled-up leather or studded collars are too thick."

TagVault: Pets on a collar
TagVault: Pet on a collar

The TagVault: Pet is available to pre-order now, and ships in July. It costs $19.95 for a single one, $34.95 for two, or $64.95 for four.

ElevationLabs is also taking pre-orders for a waterproof AirTag case that's meant for humans to put on their keyrings. TagVault: Keychain is $12.95 for one, going up to $74.95 for eight.

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