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Apple announces opening of Apple Via del Corso store in Rome

Apple Via del Corso

Apple has transformed and preserved Rome's grand Palazzo Marignoli, making it the site of the 17th Apple Store in Italy.

Apple is to open its Apple Via del Corso store in Rome on May 27, 2021. Ahead of the launch, the company has detailed how it worked on what Apple describes as one of its "most significant restoration projects."

"We can't wait to begin a new chapter in Rome with the opening of Apple Via del Corso," said Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's senior vice president of Retail + People in a press release. "The new store represents a celebration of the unique history and art of Roman culture, and we hope to inspire creativity among the local community with our Made in Rome program and future Today at Apple sessions."

The new Apple Store is situated in a building originally built in 1873 by architect Salvatore Bianchi. It was famous for housing the Caff Aragno, frequented by writers, artists and actors.

Apple has restored several pieces of art that had been in the Caff Aragno, and they are now included within the new store. Similarly, contemporary ceiling paintings have been revived in conjunction with local restorers, as has a marble staircase from 1888.

Apple Via del Corso is the 17th Apple Store in Italy, and marks the first-ever Today at Apple Made in Rome program. Working with over 40 local artists, the initially online sessions cover music, art, design and more.

The new Rome store continues Apple's moves to site Apple Stores in historic buildings that the company is then able to preserve. Previous examples include the Carnegie Library in Washington, which won an award for its architecture.

Apple Via del Corso opens at 10 AM CEST on Thursday, May 27.

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