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Stephen King reveals why 'Lisey's Story' on Apple TV+ is his favorite tale

Julianne Moore in "Lisey's Story"

Writer Stephen King talks about making the "very scary" Apple TV plus series, "Lisey's Story." King's eight-part series, based on his novel, debuts on June 4, 2021.

"It's a very scary story in a lot of ways," says King. "It is scary in a supernatural way but it's also scary because there really are dangerous people out there."

"'Lisey's Story' is my favorite, it always has been," he continues. "'Lisey' is a different thing for me, it's very close to my heart. I had pneumonia, around the year 2000, and came really close to stepping out. When I came home from the hospital. My wife had cleaned out my study, and I thought to myself, 'I die, I'm a ghost.'"

Despite his enormous success writing novels, King has only rarely worked on the many screen versions of his tales. However, he says there was no possibility of allowing any other writer to adapt "Lisey's Story," especially not when he thought he could do more with it than he did in the novel.

"I wanted to tell the story, but I wanted to make it better," said King. "I thought if somebody was going to mess it up, I used to tell my wife nobody's going to mess it up but me."

Julianne Moore stars in "Lisey's Story," which begins its eight-episode series on Apple TV+ from Friday, June 4.

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