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Apple's latest 'Mythic Quest' tie-in is a digital book by C.W. Longbottom

Apple this week published "Tears of the Anaren," the touted novella penned by "Mythic Quest" character C.W. Longbottom.

The book and accompanying audiobook, both available for free through Apple Books, is a send-up of the fantasy writing genre, reports ScreenTime.

"Behold an unforgettable intergalactic love story, rescued from the mists of time and brought to you by the visionaries behind Mythic Quest, the world-changing video game at the heart of the Apple TV+ Original Series," the book's description reads.

The "never-before-published" draft of "Tears of Anaren" was the subject of this week's "Mythic Quest" episode, which offers a glimpse into Longbottom's backstory. Credited in the show as a Nebula Award-winning science fiction and fantasy author, Longbottom is Mythic Quest's head writer and office squatter.

This is the third "Mythic Quest" tie-in to blur the line between fiction and reality, and follows the release of a web game to go along with season one episode "Dark Quiet Death," and a more recent Keynote presentation to pitch mobile game "Grouchy Goat."

"Mythic Quest" is currently in its second season on Apple TV+.

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