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Privacy-focused iCloud+ includes Private Relay browsing, Hide My Email, secure HomeKit cameras

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Paid iCloud subscriptions will soon have access to an enhanced iCloud+ feature, including a Private Relay VPN, a new Hide My Email capability, and support for unlimited secure HomeKit video cameras.

Apple said iCloud paid subscriptions will include iCloud+ when it launches later this year, and at no extra cost, with the same iCloud pricing today.

The new Private Relay feature essentially acts as a VPN, allowing users to browse with Safari more securely and privately. Apple noted that network providers and websites combine users' identities and browsing history to develop a profile, which Private Relay will help prevent.

Using Private Relay, traffic leaving a user's device is encrypted and sent through two internet relays. With this, no one — including Apple — will see who a user is or what websites they are visiting.

The new Hide My Email feature will be built into Mail, Safari, and iCloud settings, allowing users to set up as many temporary email addresses as they need and delete them at any time.

iCloud+ will also offer built-in support for HomeKit secure video cameras, allowing users to connect unlimited cameras. And any recordings saved to iCloud+ will not count against a user's iCloud storage.

Apple's iCloud service will also continue to offer photos, backup, and iCloud Drive, just as it does today for the same price. The iCloud+ add-on will be for paid subscribers at the same price.

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