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Apple's Podcast Subscriptions are now live

You can now support your favorite podcasts and get ad-free episodes

Users of Apple's Podcast app will now see options to subscribe to shows, where the creators have chosen to support subscriptions.

Apple has now launched its delayed podcast subscriptions service. As of June 15, 2021, when a user of Apple's own Podcast app goes to a show page, they can be offered a subscription option.

Not all shows are doing this, and so far there are slight variations between those that do. Most typically, the subscription offer means that listeners will get a version of the podcast without ads.

The amount show creators are charging for the subscription varies greatly, too. Then there's typically a trial period where a listener can get the subscription benefits before paying.

That's currently varying from 3 to 7 days, and is the choice of the show's creators.

Show creators have been able to set up subscription details since the original announcement in April 2021. However, the announced May launch was delayed because of chiefly unspecified problems.

Apple did tell creators that there were issues with the Podcasts Connect service, which is how shows are delivered to Apple. Perhaps separately, iOS 14.5 introduced multiple bugs to Apple's Podcasts app.

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