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Apple's 'iPhone 13 Pro' to gain new ultra wide camera with autofocus, says Kuo

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the forthcoming "iPhone 13 Pro" will feature a new ultra wide camera lens, whose autofocusing will help take sharper images.

Following his recent report that the "iPhone 13" range will feature impressive new features, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has specified what he expects one of them to be. Based on what he describes as "our latest industry survey," Kuo has identified a new supplier, G-Shank.

"G-Shank is a professional metal stamping and tooling manufacturer," says Kuo in a note to investors seen by AppleInsider. G-Shank has exclusively obtained orders from Largan for the iPhone VCM [voice coil motor]."

Apple has previously been reported to have ordered precision "iPhone 13" lenses from Largan. The work includes use of VCMs, which are camera components that directly aid focusing.

"We predict that all four 2H22 new iPhones will support AF in their ultra-wide cameras," continues Kuo. "Among the 2H21 new iPhones, the two high-end iPhone Pro series models have AF support for ultra-wide cameras."

"Based on Apple's past camera upgrade pattern," says Kuo, "we believe that all four 2H22 new iPhones will have AF support for ultra-wide cameras."

Separately, Kuo has recently predicted that the 2022 "iPhone 14" range will include a 48MP camera. He's also said that the will be no "iPhone 14 mini," which has led to reports of the smaller iPhone being dropped from Apple's plans. Recent leaked images suggest that there will be an "iPhone 13 mini," however.

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