Apple launches its all-in-one universal gift card in Canada, Australia

The universal Apple gift card is now available in the US, Australia, and Canada

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Previously exclusive to the U.S., Apple has rolled out its universal gift card to Canada and Australia. The new card replaces the separate iTunes and App Store gift options.

Close to a year after it first launched the universal gift card in the US, Apple has quietly introduced it to two more territories.

In the US, and now both Canada andAustralia, the card can be redeemed against any Apple purchase. There used to be some potentially confusing overlap as Apple sold separate iTunes and App Store cards, which were actually interchangeable.

Now, however, the one card can equally well be spent on buying Apple hardware.

For America and Canada, users have the option to pick a gift card design and have it either emailed to their recipient, or sent by post. In Australia, at least at time of writing, only the email option is available.

In all cases, Apple provides one-click recommended amount for the gift cards, each in their country's respective currencies. In the US and Canada, the pre-configured amounts are $25, $50, and $100, while Australia offers $30, $50, and $100.

Across all three territories, users can instead opt to specify their own value. In the US and Canada, that amount must be between $10 and $2,000. For Australia, it's between $10 and $3,000.

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