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Outage of iCloud Mail stops some users from getting their messages

A number of users are experiencing issues when using iCloud Mail, with some customers unable to log in to their mail account via the Mail app or third-party apps.

Starting from 9:09AM eastern time on Monday, Apple's System Status page advises of an "issue" with iCloud Mail. According to the notification, the issue is ongoing and "some users are unaffected."

The nature of the problem isn't disclosed, other than "Users may be unable to access iCloud mail." It also appears to be a problem limited just to iCloud Mail, with other iCloud online services appearing to be working with no reported faults.

Posts on Twitter show a number of users are complaining about a lack of access to iCloud Mail. While there are some reports of users not being able to access their entire iCloud account, it seems to be a comparatively small number comparatively to the main reported issue.

Outages of online services are common, and have happened before for Apple's iCloud products. For mail-related outages specifically, a similar outage to the current issue took place in April, as well as sporadic global issues in May.

AppleInsider will update this story when the outage is resolved or updates are provided by Apple.

Update 2:25 p.m. Eastern Time: Apple has resolved the iCloud outage, according to its system status page.

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