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Apple wants 'Apple Car' batteries made in US, claims report

Porsche's 800-volt battery pack, located in the floor of the car.

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Chinese firms are said to have baulked at Apple's insistence on making "Apple Car" batteries in US, meaning it's more probable that the vehicle will be made by Taiwanese manufacturers.

Despite previous reports that Apple was in talks with Chinese battery manufacturers for the "Apple Car," it is claimed that any deal is now unlikely. According to Digitimes, neither of China's two largest battery suppliers, CATL and BYD, want to meet Apple's requirement for US production.

The same unspecified sources claim that it is therefore now more likely that Taiwan-based Foxconn, or Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry, will partner with Apple. Both companies are currently planning to build battery facilities in the US.

Apple has been rumored to be working with China's CATL over battery research since at least 2017.

Digitimes is a reliable source of data as it pertains to Apple's supply chain. It is a notably poorer source for details on Apple's specific plans. Tuesday's report is more of the former than the latter.

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