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Apple updates Final Cut Pro, fixing location bug, controversial Blade icon

Final Cut Pro

An otherwise minor update bringing Final Cut Pro to version 10.5.4 has addressed the unpopular new Blade tool icon, plus appears to have resolved region and location bugs.

After the major Final Cut Pro 10.5.3 update in June 2021, Apple has released a smaller revision to its Mac video editing app, but with much-wanted changes. Behind the scenes, Final Cut Pro 10.5.4 seems to have fixed a bug that meant users were having to change their Mac's region or language setting to use certain regular functions.

Apple's release notes states that the update "improves stability when exporting with certain macOS Language & Region preferences." There are also improvements for users playing back H.264 or HEVC media.

It's not known how many users were affected by the problems that this update fixes. A more visible issue, however, was how Final Cut Pro 10.5.4 replaced the icon for the cutting or Blade tool.

From the start of Final Cut Pro, that icon has been of a razor blade — the tool that was used by filmmakers before digital or non-linear editors existed. In 10.5.3, Apple changed it to an icon of scissors.

Left: Final Cut Pro 10.5.3. Right: Left: Final Cut Pro 10.5.4
Left: Final Cut Pro 10.5.3. Right: Left: Final Cut Pro 10.5.4

As well as objecting to losing the familiar razor blade tool, a vocal minority of users objected to how confusing the new icon was. The cutting part of the scissor icon did not relate to where the tool itself would cut on Final Cut Pro's video timeline.

Now while Final Cut Pro 10.5.4 is sticking to the scissor icon, it has been altered and rotated so that the cutting position is clearer.

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