Nomad Leather Loop Review: Holds your AirTag close with minimal frills

Nomad's Leather Loop with AirPods on Nomad's new leather wallet

Nomad Leather Loop


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As AirTag has finally made its way into the world, new accessories are coming to market for Apple's device tracker. We tested Nomad's now-shipping Leather Loop to see how it performed.

On its own, AirTag has no way to attach to anything. It can't go on your keychain, it can't go on a zipper, it can't clip to your camera. It's merely a disc.

Apple has its own first-party accessories, but third-parties offer a much larger variety to choose from. Enter Nomad.

What is Nomad's Leather Loop?

Nomad's Leather Loop is a very simple device. Ludicrously simple. Just a thin strip of leather wrapped around a key ring with adhesive on either side to stick to your AirTag.

Leather Loop next to our morning coffee
Leather Loop next to our morning coffee

When attached, you can then connect AirTag to the outside of a bag, a piece of gear, or most commonly — your keys.

Each one is made from quality Horween leather coupled with genuine 3M adhesive and a stainless steel key ring.

Testing Nomad's Leather Loop

Installation wasn't an issue, though you do have to be precise. You just remove the adhesive backing and stick it to the front and back of your AirTag.

Adhering the Nomad Leather Loop
Adhering Nomad's Leather Loop

We started by applying the back first, the silver side. The leather is cut exactly the same diameter as the metal so if you're off slightly, you will notice. On the face of the AirTag (the white side), it is a bit easier because there is no exact position and applying the back first helps the front line up properly.

Once installed, one concern we've seen customers express was the inability to swap the battery. Fortunately, Nomad took this into consideration when designing the Leather Loop. There is just enough slack in the ring to allow you to twist and remove the back without having to remove the Leather Loop.

Nomad's Leather Loop does just what we expected it to — no more, no less. It works fine, the adhesive has not started to peel away, and we have been liking how good it looks.

If you happen to have picked up an AirTag with a personalized front, this will cover those characters. Not a big deal for us.

Compared to Apple's Leather key ring

The most apt comparison is to Apple's own Leather Key Ring. Apple offers a leather keychain holder for AirTag in three colors: Baltic Blue, Saddle Brown, and (PRODUCT)Red. Nomad's come in more rustic hues: brown, black, and natural.

Apple's Leather Keychain
Apple's Leather Keyring in Saddle Brown

Nomad's leather feels less processed than Apple's. Some people have called Apple's leather fake-feeling but it just seems to be coated in a sealant to help it age. If you've used any of Nomad's growing leather line — wallets, cases, chargers — you will be familiar in the feel and patina the Nomad Leather Loop will earn.

When we tested Apple's Key Ring for AirTag one of our biggest complaints was that the ring was too thick. It made it hard to fit small keys or bags that we'd try to connect to our AirTag. Nomad's is smaller which means it will fit more mounting locations.

The biggest difference between the two is that Apple's Key Ring is removable from the AirTag, whereas Nomad's is not. This removes the possibility of swapping cases or covers over time. This can be considered a downside, but there are also few reasons you'd want to remove the cover in the first place. Other than maybe changing what you are using the AirTag to track.

Holding the Nomad Leather Loop
Holding the Nomad Leather Loop

Nomad undercuts Apple by $10 on price, though we'd say Nomad could go even further. Not only is Nomad a third-party which should already carry a lower price tag but it is also simpler. There is no stitching, no snap, and there's less leather than Apple's version.

To us, a $20 price tag would be more applicable and further separate it from Apple's solution.

Should you buy Nomad's Leather Loop for AirTag?

Here's the thing. We like these. We do. They are cheaper than Apple's $35 cover and offer the same basic functionality. If we're being picky, we don't love that they are adhesives but it does make the product smaller.

If the fact they're non-removable doesn't bother you, then by all means, invest in one or two of these. Nomad has quickly become the purveyor of some of our favorite AirTag accessory designs, even if this is the only one yet to ship.

Colors of the Nomad Leather Loop
Colors of the Nomad Leather Loop

The more robust AirTag Keychain entirely covers the AirTag, the dog collar can be customized and offers more protection of the tracker, and the AirTag Card is the best way we've seen to fit one in your wallet.

Quality here is top-notch, the packaging looks great, and there are more colors than what Apple offers. If you're still debating on what keyring to nab, you can't go wrong with Nomad.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy

Order your Nomad Leather Loop for AirTag from Nomad's website for $24.95.