More MacBook Pro rumors, Apple's MagSafe battery and more — This Week in Apple

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On the latest episode of AppleInsider's "This Week in Apple," we talk about the release of the long-rumored Apple MagSafe battery, we dive into why Apple's Weather app won't show the number 69, and discuss even more rumors on a future iPad mini plus a MacBook Pro refresh.

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Each week, AppleInsider posts tons of stories about Apple, its products, rumors, and information about related vendors and other firms. Our weekend video series "This Week in Apple" condenses down the week's stories into an easy-to-digest video recap.

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Possible new MacBooks, superized iPad Pros, and AirPower beyond the grave

Much of this week revolved around Apple's launch of its MagSafe Battery Pack. The first-party battery pack has been rumored for a while — but Apple's made it official this week with a release on July 19. We've taken deep dives into its reverse wireless charging support and how it differs from the Qi magnetic batteries already on the market.

We also saw a lot of interest in Apple's Weather app — and not because of its Dark Sky acquisition. Instead, MKBHD shared how Weather was incapable of displaying the temperature as 69 degrees. It turns out that Apple being prudish, but instead, the "limitation" is simply a conversion issue.

Finally, more rumors came out this week surrounding Apple's unannounced hardware. It looks like iPad mini is set for an upgrade this fall, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros will be bestowed with 1080P cameras, and a larger M1 iMac is in the works.



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