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Moment is bringing MagSafe to iPhone 11 with new cases

Moment's new M(Force) cases for iPhone 11 support MagSafe

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On Friday, photography-oriented accessory brand Moment introduced new iPhone 11 case models that allow MagSafe chargers and accessories to connect.

MagSafe is Apple's new connectivity standard exclusive to the iPhone 12 lineup that allows for various mounts and accessories to magnetically connect to the back of a device. By introducing new cases that support MagSafe magnets, users of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max can now take advantage of many of MagSafe's features.

These cases officially support (M)Force, which is Moment's branding for the magnetic connection system that is designed to work the same as MagSafe.

Moment's new M(Force) cases for iPhone 11 support MagSafe
Moment's new M(Force) cases for iPhone 11 support MagSafe

With a Moment M(Force) case on their iPhone 11, users can connect wallets, use MagSafe chargers (though not at 15W), or even use Apple's new MagSafe Battery Pack with minimal compromises.

These cases also support Moment's line of MagSafe M(Force) mounts. Moment offers various mounts, including a car vent mount, tripod mounts, cold shoe mounts, wall mounts, and more.

We reviewed Moment's (M)Force mounts when they launched. We were impressed with the strength of the magnets, how well they were made, and their overall usefulness.

The new cases are available in black canvas or inlaid walnut wood for $59.99 each, regardless of what iPhone model they fit.

As this launch coincides with Moment's Summer Sale, these new cases — as well as the rest of Moment's gear — are all 30 percent off when using promo code #summer. That makes the new iPhone 11 cases drop down to $41.99 each.