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Facebook's Oculus investigating Apple Health app integration

Code discovered in Facebook's Oculus app reveals the company is investigating an Apple Health app integration that would allow users to save workout data generated by Oculus Move.

Discovered by developer Steve Moser, the code suggests Facebook is experimenting with a feature that would synchronize Oculus Move data to the Health app, Bloomberg reports. Users might also be able to view information saved in the Health app on a connected Oculus VR headset, the report says.

Introduced last year, Oculus Move is a Quest and Quest 2 feature that tracks movement and calories burned across any VR game or app. The resulting data is siloed in a special dashboard located in a user's Library. Some Oculus apps can display real-time statistics in an overlay, similar to the Apple Watch and Apple TV setup in Apple Fitness+.

Apple's Health app already supports a number of health-tracking accessories, including smart scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, blood glucose monitors and more. Fitness trackers like Fitbit can also save data to Health, albeit through third-party apps.

Apple Watch is Apple's preferred method of gathering movement, exercise, stand time and sleep data, though the company offers third-party integration via the HealthKit and GymKit APIs. Whether Facebook's Oculus Move experiment utilizes HealthKit is unknown.