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Apple Education promotes iPad creativity challenges for classrooms

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Apple has paired up with Apple Distinguished Educators to create three new challenges to encourage classrooms to bring the iPad into their lesson plans.

The first challenge is the Green Screen Challenge, where students and teachers are encouraged to develop creative ways to use the green-screen effects available on the iPad. Apple Distinguished educator Jacob Woolcock suggested the challenge. In addition, teachers can download Apple's Everyone Can Create Video guide to help learn the ins and outs of video production on the iPad.

The second challenge is the Podcast Challenge, suggested by Apple Distinguished Educator Tamara Aragon. Apple suggests that students record their voices and layer in other sounds to share what they are passionate about by using Garage Band. Teachers are encouraged to download the Everyone Can Create Music guide.

The last challenge is the motion graphics challenge, suggested by Jason Trinh, an Apple Distinguished Educator. He hopes that students use the iPad, paired with Keynote, to create motion graphics to tell stories in the classroom. For those interested in taking part in this challenge, Apple Education suggests the Everyone Can Create Drawing guide.

Those who participate are encouraged to share their projects with Apple by posting under the hashtags #EveryoneCanCreate and #MadeOniPad.