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Apple's new iPhone 13 Pro case illustrates massively enlarged camera 'bump'

Apple's latest iPhone 13 Pro lineup features improved camera hardware capabilities across the board, enhancements that required a redesign of the handset's camera "bump."

Announced on Tuesday, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max receive a number of camera upgrades including larger apertures on wide and ultra-wide lenses for enhanced low-light performance. Wide and telephoto modules add an additional lens element, while the telephoto camera nets a 77mm equivalent focal length for increased optical zoom capabilities. The ultra-side shooter also adds an autofocus system.

To fit the new and improved technologies, Apple enlarged the rear camera "bump" on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, as evidenced by the company's cases.

As seen above, Apple's Silicone Case for iPhone 13 Pro features a substantially larger cutout for the handset's camera system that measures about 38mm by 37mm. Placing the case on an iPhone 12 Pro illustrates the massively increased footprint.

The iPhone 13 and 13 mini's camera "bump" are also expected to grow slightly as Apple had to make concessions for new sensor-shift stabilization on the wide angle shooter by arranging the two lenses diagonally instead of stacking them vertically. Apple's top-end iPhone 13 Pro Max camera system will also see an increase in size. All iPhone 13 series cameras will protrude farther from the chassis to accommodate new internal components.

Initial shipments of Apple's first-party iPhone 13 accessories are arriving in customer hands ahead of a start to preorders on Friday. Early orders will begin to arrive on Sept. 24.