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Apple TV+ promotes 'Wolfboy and the Everything Factory' with educational trailers

Apple has released a trailer for "Wolfboy and the Everything Factory," the Joseph Gordon-Levitt animated series that started streaming on Apple TV+ on September 24.

The trailer, posted to the Apple TV YouTube account on Monday, is titled "Intro to Adventures with Professor Luxcraft." The clip has the titular professor teaching the viewer about "Sprytes," creatures within the show's forest that can create things for "the human realm."

It appears that the YouTube channel has mistakenly uploaded the "Sprytes" video with the description and subtitles for the similar "Adventure" clip, while the reverse occurred on Friday for that day's video.

Friday's Adventures video gives examples of the kinds of antics that will appear in the show, including mysterious, exciting, and dangerous varieties.

The videos are promoting the show "Wolfboy and the Everything Factory," an animated series for children on Apple TV+ that features a child called William Wolfe. In the Spryte realm of the Everything Factory, he is known as Wolfboy.

Along with his Spryte friends, Wolfboy learns about his vivid imagination, using it creatively to change the world.

"Wolfboy and the Everything Factory" is available to stream on Apple TV+ now, with six episodes ready for viewing.