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Majority of iPhone users unimpressed with iPhone 13 lineup, study finds

A casual survey published this week found that some 64% of iPhone users were "not very" or "not at all" impressed with the company's new iPhone 13 lineup.

According to a study conducted by SellCell, 64.1% of surveyed users did not find Apple's Sept. 14 iPhone 13 announcement enticing, with only 14.4% saying the new hardware is "extremely" or "very exciting."

The firm surveyed 5,000 iPhone users aged 18 or older between Sept. 23 and 30, and published its findings on Tuesday.

Purchase intent was down 20.5% when compared to a similar poll conducted prior to Apple's "California Streaming" event, with 23.2% of existing iPhone users saying that they intend to upgrade to iPhone 13. The remaining 76.8% of existing iPhone owners have no interest in buying the latest and greatest device.

Brand loyalty remains strong, with 36.8% of respondents who decided against upgrading saying they plan to wait for a next-generation "iPhone 14." Another 32.3% said they don't intend to upgrade in the next two years, 11.3% will buy an older iPhone model and 16.1% are making the switch to Android. Google is the most popular choice for switchers at 45.1%, followed by Samsung at 41.8%.

The iPhone 13 Pro proved to be the most popular model for upgraders with a 42.5% share, while iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini followed with 26.3%, 22% and 9.2%, respectively.

In terms of new features, iPhone 13 Pro's ProMotion display and the line's overall improved battery life led the pack for those considering an iPhone 13 purchase, with a respective 34.1% and 25.3% of users citing the capabilities as reasons to buy. Only 5.4% of users cited improved camera features like Cinematic mode and updated sensors as a main reason to upgrade, while more storage space, a faster processor, smaller TrueDepth "notch," new colors and dual eSIM support were all cited by less than 5% of respondents.

A 15.7% share of prospective buyers said they were due for an upgrade and 10.5% said they were in a yearly upgrade or trade-in program.

Interestingly, 29.3% of survey participants who have no plans to buy iPhone 13 said a lack of Touch ID was a deal breaker. Apple is said to be testing in-screen fingerprint technology for a future iPhone, but it is unclear when the feature will debut.

Other factors that went into a decision against purchasing iPhone 13 include a lack of an always-on display, inclusion of TrueDepth notch, no ProMotion on entry-level models and pricing.

SellCell also queried participants on the iPad and Apple Watch models announced last month, with 18.2% of respondents saying they intend to buy a new iPad or iPad mini. Apple's diminutive sixth-generation iPad mini, which received its first update in well over two years, gained the lion's share of interest with 72.6% saying they prefer the model over the ninth-generation iPad. A meager 7.5% of respondents plan to buy Apple Watch Series 7 after it goes on sale this Friday.