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Tim Cook pledges donation to support communities in China floods

As he has with multiple emergencies and natural disasters, Tim Cook has promised that Apple will donate money to assist communities recover from the severe flooding in northern China.

Following many previous relief aid pledges, most recently for Louisiana after Hurricane Ida, Tim Cook has announced Apple will contribute to northern China's relief efforts. As is now the norm, Cook did not specify any amount, or detail how the aid would be distributed.

Unusually, Cook's announcement was solely posted on China's Weibo social media platform, and not repeated on Twitter. The post, specifically about flood recovery efforts in the Shanxi region of northern China, was written in both Chinese and English.

"As the Shanxi region turns toward recovery, we want to do our part supporting relief efforts and helping with the rebuilding," began the English-language part. It then continued to specify that "Apple will donate to help affected communities."

Tim Cook's posting on Weibo

It's reported that the heavy rainfall and consequent flooding has caused the death of at least 15 people. Some 2 million more are affected by the damage.

China has been struggling with floods for some months, with Apple suppliers being affected, or having to prepare emergency response plans.