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AirPods Pro now include MagSafe charging, still cost $249

AirPods Pro headphones now with MagSafe charging for the same price

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Customers can now purchase the AirPods Pro with MagSafe charging capabilities for the same $249 that they cost previously, without MagSafe.

Before Monday's Apple event, if you were to purchase AirPods Pro from Apple or any other Apple Authorized Retailer, you would receive a case that supported Qi Wireless charging. During the event, the company announced that it was shipping a MagSafe compatible case to accompany the AirPods Pro.

On top of that, Apple did not shift the price of the AirPods Pro purchased new as a unit. It still sits at just $249.

Before today, Apple sold the second-generation non-Pro AirPods with Qi Wireless charging for $199. The model without wireless charging previously retailed for $159.

Apple's new third-generation AirPods announced on Monday are $179, and the company will continue to sell its second-generation model without wireless charging for $129.