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MacBook Pro preorders slip to late November, December ahead of release

Potential owners of the new MacBook Pro models will have a long wait for their order, with some default configurations not delivering in the United States until December.

Early preorders of the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro saw shipping dates slip within minutes of opening on October 18. Less than a week later, it seems some customers may have to wait until December, even if they preorder before Tuesday's release date.

Apple's online store warns potential buyers of the 14-inch model that deliveries in the United States could arrive between November 16 and November 23 for the default options. For the 16-inch model, the same defaults say deliveries will occur between November 23 and December 1.

For customers seeking a customized MacBook Pro configuration, they will face an even longer wait. Across both varieties, changing from a default to a custom specification extends the delivery estimate to between December 2 and December 9.

An example of how long a MacBook Pro customer will have to wait for their order.

For some configurations, the delivery estimate is even further out, at between December 9 and December 16. This appears to be more the case when customers select both a chip and memory upgrade.

The delays for orders are also affecting other countries, not just the United States. In the UK, the online store says the default configurations for the 14-inch model are deliverable between November 16 and November 23, while the 16-inch stretches from November 23 to November 30.

It is unclear at this time how this will affect store supplies for the new models, but they will most likely be quite limited from the outset.