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Microsoft launching Loop, focused on remote & collaborative work

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is launching Loop, a new app in its Office Suite that's meant to streamline project collaboration in the era of remote and hybrid work.

The Microsoft Loop app is essentially a rebranding of the company's work on Fluid, which is a way to create content that can be independently copied, pasted, and shared with others.

Microsoft showed off the new Loop functionality at its online-only Ignite conference on Tuesday.

Loop components, for example, are blocks of content that can exist across multiple apps, and which users can update in real time. Loop pages are similar, but are more like individual canvases that include Loop components. Loop Workspaces provide a broad overview of shared projects.

Microsoft's corporate vice president Jared Spataro characterized the Loop initiative as a way of "blowing up the document."

The effort also comes ahead of rising Microsoft 365 prices in 2022. It's likely that the company is looking to provide more value for customers who subscribe to its services.

Microsoft says that Loop components will arrive in its Teams, Outlook, and OneNote app later in November. The main Loop app will be released "at a later date," with the company sharing availability information in the coming months.