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Epic's Tim Sweeney calls Google 'crazy,' says 'Apple must be stopped'

Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has used his speech at a South Korea conference to lambast both Apple and Google, plus promote his plan for one app store for all devices.

The Coalition for App Fairness's Global Conference on Mobile App Ecosystem Fairness is taking place in South Korea. Tim Sweeney has been speaking at the conference, and also talking to local press.

According to Bloomberg, Sweeney says he is working with developers and unspecified service providers to make an app store that would mean users could "buy software in one place, knowing that they'd have it on all devices and all platforms."

"Apple locks a billion users into one store and payment processor," he said. "Now Apple complies with oppressive foreign laws, which surveil users and deprive them of political rights. But Apple is ignoring laws passed by Korea's democracy. Apple must be stopped."

Calling Google "crazy" for its system of fees, Sweeney praised South Korea for its new App Store law.

"I'm very proud to stand up against these monopolies with you," he said. "I'm proud to stand with you and say I'm a Korean."