Apple shares behind-the-scenes look at Michel Gondry's Shot on iPhone short

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Apple on Friday posted a behind-the-scenes look at a Shot on iPhone short film created by acclaimed French filmmaker Michel Gondry.

On Thursday, Apple aired "A Dozen Eggs," a whimsical short Gondry produced using iPhone 13 Pro.

Going behind-the-scenes, Gondry explains the use of eggs as the main player in his Shot on iPhone commission.

"I like to use a basic and simple element to construct a result that's more sophisticated. And the egg was perfect," Gondry says.

The Oscar Award-winning director and screenwriter used iPhone to capture "weird situations" with his cast of ovoid objects. Clips include eggs shooting out of craters in the moon, splatting through a desk and cooking in its drawer, dancing and recreating a scene from "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Crew on the project used a variety of iPhone accessories during production, including a Beastgrip Pro, SmallRig video cage, tripod and dolly adapters, and more.

"The iPhone quality of image narrows the difference with a big professional camera. It shows that anyone can get this look that they experience when they go to the theater," Gondry says. "I mean, I would not say that anyone can make a movie, but anyone can surprise you."

Apple's Shot on iPhone campaign started life as billboard advertisements featuring photos captured by everyday iPhone users and amateur photographers. The project has won multiple awards and now features video spots to go along with iPhone's enhanced camera capabilities.