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'Ring in the New Year' Apple Watch activity challenge begins January 1

'Ring in the New Year' fitness challenge

Apple is planning a fitness challenge for Apple Watch users called "Ring in the New Year," requiring users to close their rings for seven consecutive days anytime in 2022.

New fitness challenges appear from time to time, usually around major events or holidays. Anyone with an Apple Watch can participate, and the challenges are moderately achievable while varying in difficulty.

The "Ring in the New Year" challenge begins on January 1, 2022. Users must close their rings every day for seven consecutive days, meaning the earliest the award can be earned is January 7, 2022.

The Apple Watch, by default, tracks three health metrics: move, stand, and exercise minutes. These goals are user-customizable, so closing a ring will depend on a person's set goal and daily activity.

The award itself will show up in the Activity app once earned, and users may see the progress to unlocking the award in the app. The three rings and donut characters pictured above are iMessage stickers that can be sent to other users.

Apple Watch owners should see the challenge appear in the Activity app on December 28, 2021.