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Apple Maps team gifted posters & pins for new Maps experience

Apple Maps engineer gifted items from Apple

As a thank you for the revamped Apple Maps experience, Apple has gifted the Maps team a unique set of pins and artwork showcasing how the application has changed.

The spouse of one Apple employee shared a LinkedIn post showing off the package sent by Apple. It contained two pins, a sticker featuring the navigation icon, a poster with various map elements, and another poster with different location photos used in guides.

An included card referred to the project as "Springfield," which may be the internal name for the new maps experience. It seems that each employee on this team received this thank you gift.

The included card read as follows:

We did it. You did it. Each and every one of you has your fingerprints on Springfield.

You continued to innovate long past the point others might have said, "this is good enough". You saw around the corners, and gave our customers a revolutionary product they didn't even know they needed yet.

Thank you for all of your distinct contributions to this product and for building on the legacy of great work here at Apple.

The new Apple Maps experience brings new artwork, better navigation tools, and a wide variety of changes, including accurate street signs and paint when viewed in 3D mode. Apple has rolled out the new feature in major cities across the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.