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HomeKit Secure Video bug means thumbnails can show outdated views

An unknown number of users with HomeKit Secure Video cameras report that while live viewing works correctly, the thumbnail views are failing to refresh normally.

Since late December, a growing number of users have been reporting the problem. It means that glancing at the Home app's cameras no longer necessarily shows the latest thumbnail grab from the video.

There doesn't appear to be a consistent cause, though it does seem to be limited to the Home app rather than each camera's own third-party one.

It's also not certain whether it's limited to particular cameras, as both eufy and Netatmo have been mentioned in some reports, as first spotted by MacRumors.

Users are reporting solutions with varying degrees of success. Restarting all devices has worked for some, while signing out of their Apple ID account, and then back in again, has helped others.

So far, however, it appears that these workaround solutions are proving to be temporary. There are repeated accounts of the issue being fixed, only to recur again later.

Apple has not yet commented on the issue.

This is not the first camera issue that HomeKit Secure Video has had. The release of iOS 15 affected security cameras for a number of users in October 2021.