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Apple's 2022 iPad rumored to have A14 processor, Wi-Fi 6, and 5G

A new report claims that Apple will release a 10th generation iPad in late 2022, ahead of a more major redesign in 2023.

Following reports that the iPad Air 4 may soon be revamped to include 5G, a new claim says that the same will happen with the regular iPad. Toward the end of 2022, a 10th-generation iPad may now launch with 5G, plus Wi-Fi 6, and using the A14 processor.

According to leaker Dylandkt, the iPad will otherwise remain as it is now.

The current 9th generation iPad has a 10.2 screen with a home button in the bezel. It also has a Lightning connector instead of the USB-C one found in the iPad Pro, iPad mini, and iPad Air.

Apple's current iPad Air uses the A14 processor, as does the iPhone 12 range.

Leaker Dylandkt, who has a good track record for accurate Apple product information, most recently claimed that the iPhone SE for 2022 will also add 5G.