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UK woman orders iPhone 13 Pro Max, gets a $1 bottle of hand soap instead

Credit: Wales Online

A London mom ordered a new iPhone 13 Pro Max from her carrier, but when she received her delivery, she found a $1 bottle of hand soap instead of a shiny new smartphone.

Khaoula Lafhaily, 32, purchased the iPhone from Sky Mobile on a 36-month contract for 1,500 pounds. When she received her package two day later, she was disappointed to find a refill bottle of blue soap instead, Wales Online reported.

"Can you imagine? I was in complete shock and really need the phone," Lafhaily said.

Lafhaily purchased the phone on Jan. 24 and paid for next-day delivery. She didn't even get that part of her order, since the driver failed to appear and sent her a message saying he was "stuck in traffic."

Two days after the woman ordered the phone, the driver returned but again failed to deliver the device. It was only three days after she placed the original order that the delivery person dropped off the package — though, of course, it didn't have her iPhone.

The woman said she called Sky Mobile immediately after receiving the package. The carrier said it would launch an investigation immediately, but Lafhaily said it's been a week without any contact.

This is not the first time someone has ordered an iPhone only to receive a completely unrelated product. Back in February 2021, a woman ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max but received an apple-flavored yogurt drink instead.