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Steve Jobs and Apple auction includes rare memorabilia, autographs, computers

Apple and Steve Jobs auction has opened up for bids

A new auction with 41 Apple-dedicated lots has opened with everything from an autographed Apple II to various Steve Jobs business cards.

The RR Auction called "The Steve Jobs Revolution: Engelbart, Atari, and Apple" holds many historic documents and objects related to the computer revolution of the 1980s. The Steve Jobs 1978 business card already has three bids at $330 with an estimated $6,000 final bid.

The lots range from estimated final bids of $200 to $55,000, so it is possible to get a piece of Apple history for less than the cost of a new iPad.

Some of the items available in the auction include:

  • Steve Jobs 1971 signed high school yearbook valued at $50,000
  • Steve Jobs signed issue of Macworld valued at $50,000
  • Apple-1 Computer operating manual valued at $20,000
  • Steve Jobs Pixar business card valued at $5,000
  • Apple-produced 1978 "Startrek" game casset valued at $600
  • Apple II Plus jigsaw puzzle valued at $400
  • Ronald Wayne typed letter, signed valued at $200

Some of the auction items include NFT versions of the lot. For example, the Steve Jobs Atari job application and NFT are set at a starting bid of $20,000 with an estimated $300,000 value. It was previously valued at $175,000 without an NFT.

The auction has 67 items total with 41 lots featuring historic Apple products or memorabilia. The auction is open and bids have begun, with bids ending on all items in the collection on March 17, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. Eastern.