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A rare 1979 Steve Jobs business card is up for auction in mid-February

The Steve Jobs business card up for auction

A 1979 business card for Steve Jobs, Vice President Operations at Apple, is going up for auction in mid-February with bids ending on March 17.

YouTube personality Alfred DiBlasi is auctioning off a Steve Jobs business card from 1979 that he received from a friend in 1980. It has been preserved in plastic and kept in storage over the years, and DiBlasi recently discovered it in storage.

There is little information about the auction itself, but it will be held on the RR Auction website sometime in mid-February, with bids ending on March 17. The bid starts at $300, but it is expected to sell at a much higher bid.

The video showcases the business card and office map he is including and his wrapping process for protecting the card during transit. He jokingly states that the rare card is worth "billions," and the proceeds will be used to upgrade his kitchen.

Old Apple memorabilia is frequently auctioned off for large sums of money, so his joke may not be overly exaggerated. Collectors often push bids into the hundreds of thousands depending on the condition of the item and its significance.

One auction of an Apple-I computer sold for $500,000 which had a starting bid of $200,000. An application from Steve Jobs was valued at $175,000 before it went up for bid. The application went up for bid again later in 2021 along side an NFT version.

PR Auction previously sold Apple II schematics written by Steve Wozniak for $630,000 in 2020. The business card could fetch a large sum of money if collectors deem it rare enough to place a high bid.