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Apple's iPhone 13 Pro in Alpine Green: Hands on

Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro

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While the Alpine Green color is the only thing that Apple added to the iPhone 13 Pro at the latest Apple event, it is a welcome addition to the lineup. Here's what it looks like.

At the Peek Performance spring event, Apple released two new versions of its latest handset. This is has started to become commonplace for Apple as seemingly a way to juice sales halfway through a new iPhone's lifespan.

In previous years it brought (PRODUCT)Red versions of its devices and last year we got a new purple color for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. This year we got two new green hues, not just for the base phones, but the pro models as well.

The iPhone 13 now comes in "green" while the iPhone 13 Pro has an indiscriminately-named Alpine Green color.

A new pro colorway

Alpine Green joins Sierra Blue, graphite, gold, and silver in the iPhone 13 Pro lineup. Apple has tinted both the stainless steel frame and the frosted glass back.

Sierra Blue and Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro
Sierra Blue and Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro

The color doesn't always stand out because of that frosted matte back on the pro iPhones. Depending on the lighting condition it can look washed out and almost silver in some, yet it is rich and vibrant in others. It's a neat look and we do prefer this hue to that of the Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhone 13 in Sierra Blue

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Apple's iPhone 13 Pro features a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion, A15 Bionic chip and Pro 12MP camera system.

All of Apple's iPhone 13 Pro colors still feel muted, though. Not pastel-level, but the Sierra Blue, green, and gold aren't particularly saturated. The less-muted colors belong to the iPhone 13 non-pro lineup.

Some of this is because of the process needed to dye the metal in the phone. But some of it is not, and we're still wondering if there's something else beyond chemistry and stylistic choices behind the color decisions.

Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro outside
Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro outside

The phone's color popped more when we took it out into the real world, away from our bright studio lights. The warm sun rays in the early evening seemed to accentuate the green's saturation.

iPhone 13 — no pro

We opted not to pick up a standard green version of the iPhone 13, though we did check them out in the store. The glossy back of the iPhone 13 makes the color look a bit darker as the matte surface of the iPhone 13 Pro can diffuse the light a bit.

New green color of iPhone 13
New green color of iPhone 13

If the light is the same, it does appear that green on the iPhone 13 is a bit darker than that of the iPhone 13 Pro.

As all iPhone 13 models are prone to do, it still picked up quite a bit of dust and link, which was more evident on the shiny surface.

We doubt anyone will choose their iPhone purely based on the saturation of this green color, but it's more a comparison between the two different back finishes that Apple employs.

Where to buy

The two new colored iPhones are available to order now from both Apple and third-party retailers. They include the same accessories as every iPhone, including a Lightning to USB-C cable and a sole white Apple sticker.

Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro in the box
Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro in the box

Apple's new colorways come in at the same price points as the previous ones, and you can check out the best iPhone deals for the latest incentives for both the green iPhone 13 and the Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro. At press time, the wireless carriers below are offering buy one, get one offers, along with trade-in deals on Apple's iPhone line.