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Jamf launches Fundamentals plan to compete with Apple's Business Essentials

Credit: Jamf

Jamf Fundamentals is a new device management plan from the long-time device management firm, that is aimed at the same small to medium firms that Apple Business Essentials is targeting.

Following its recent addition of a BYOD management plan for larger firms, Jamf has now announced Jamf Fundamentals for what it describes as "growing small-midsized businesses."

"Jamf Fundamentals was created with growing businesses in mind to create efficiency in the everyday life of business operations through data security, remote management and support," said Nick Amundsen, senior vice president of strategy, Jamf, in a statement.

"By providing the tools needed to go beyond mobile device management we can help small and medium sized businesses that need more than basic mobile device management," he continued. "Jamf is the only platform available that will empower these organizations to truly scale with the entire Apple ecosystem, and solve pain points around deployment, user access, management and security."

The new device management plan lets smaller businesses deploy iOS apps to its users, sync passwords, and prevent malware across iOS and Mac. It's similar to the forthcoming Apple Business Essentials offering, except that it is aimed to work with firms that are scaling up to become mid-sized.

The launch of Jamf Fundamentals comes as Apple Business Essentials is in beta. Previously, Jamf has said that Apple's new small business device management does not compete with any of Jamf's offerings.

Jamf CEO Dean Hager has also previously said that the company aims to fill the gap between what Apple builds and the enterprise requires."

"We see Apple Business Essentials customers as a new market of new small business coming up, and we will ensure our additional products sell well into that base and add extra value," he continued. "We'll give them a path forward into more robust and scalable solutions."

Jamf Fundamentals costs $4 per device, per month. Following the trial, a user's first three devices continue to be managed for free, while the fourth and all subsequent ones are $4 each per month.