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Ikea introduces water-resistant Vappeby Bluetooth speaker lamp

Ikea's new Bluetooth Vappeby speaker lamp lets users easily bring their playlists everywhere with its water-resistant design.

The new Vappeby speaker features Spotify Tap functionality, allowing the user to instantly resume the music from where it was left off from the connected device with a single tap. It can also generate new suggestions if the button on the device is pressed again.

The speaker also has an LED bulb with two light modes built-in and the capability to output 360 sound. Its IP65 water and dust resistance rating makes it a perfect pool-side accessory and a must-have camping companion.

The speaker's durable, lantern-inspired design and grip-friendly handle make it an excellent device for use at home or on the go. It reacharges easily using the included USB-C cable.

Finally, the Bluetooth functionality means it is just as easy to connect audio from other sources such as Apple Music and YouTube from an iPhone or iPad.

The Ikea Vappeby Bluetooth speaker costs $64.99 and is available on Ikea's website now, and is set to hit store shelves in April.