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Apple's latest webinar will help users get started with Apple Business Essentials

Apple is introducing customers to Apple Business Essentials package, with a webinar for the service being held on Tuesday.

On March 31, Apple debuted its Apple Business Essentials service in the United States, providing small business customers with device management tools, support, and storage in a single all-encompassing package. To help the launch run smoothly for its initial clients, Apple is holding a webinar.

Taking place at at 11 a.m. Pacific, 2 p.m. Eastern and lasting one hour, the "Introducing Apple Business Essentials" webinar is described by Apple as an "exclusive online session to learn how Apple Business Essentials can help small businesses like yours manage every aspect of your Apple devices."

The webinar will be hosted by Apple product experts, demonstrating the service on the stream. A sign language interpreter will also be available for the session.

Potential attendees must register through Apple's events website to sign up and watch the presentation beforehand.

Apple Business Essentials uses Apple's own device management system, which makes it easier to manage mobile device management, including setup and upgrades, as well as various security mechanisms. Customers also benefit from built-in data storage and backup, as well as prioritized support.

There are three Apple Business Essentials plan available, including a $2.99-per-month single-device plan, a $6.99-per-month multi-device plan, and one with additional storage for $12.99 per user, per month. A two-month free trial of the service is also available.