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Learn how to make 'Star Wars' creature vocals in virtual Today at Apple session

Learn how to make your own creature noises in a new Today at Apple session

"Star Wars" sound designer Leff Lefferts will walk participants through creating creature vocals in GarageBand for Mac in a May 9 Today at Apple online session, sign up today.

Apple is celebrating May the 4th, also known as "Star Wars" Day, with a special "Behind the Mac" video and Today at Apple session. Anyone interested can sign up to join the virtual session which takes place on May 9.

The session is broken up into three parts: an interview with sound designer Leff Lefferts, a viewing of the "Behind the Mac" film, then a GarageBand tutorial on creating vocal effects for a character. The session is scheduled to last one hour from 8 PM EDT to 9 PM EDT.

Leff Lefferts is a sound designer from Skywalker Sound, the group which produces audio for the "Star Wars" franchise. He will discuss his favorite projects and how Skywalker Sound brings movie characters to life with Apple Music's Eddie Francis.

Today at Apple virtual sessions exist as a result of COVID, but enable anyone to participate from the comfort of their homes. In-person sessions have resumed at some Apple Stores, but Apple seems to be taking a hybrid approach by keeping some sessions virtual.