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Apple TV+ and Nike strike deal to develop series of sports films

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ and Nike have inked a deal to develop a series of sports films for the streaming platform, produced by Nike's Waffle Iron Entertainment and Makeready studios.

The partnership between Apple and Nike aims to "inspire the next generation of athletes and celebrate the power of sport," according to a report by Deadline.

To make the series of films possible, Apple will take charge of the financing and distribution of the films. Nike, in turn, will utilize its production label Waffle Iron Entertainment, alongside staff from firm Makeready, to produce the films.

Chief in the filmmaking process will be Waffle Iron's Justin Biskin, and Makeready's Brad Weston and Collin Creighton. Weston's film "The Fighter" was nominated for an Academy Award.

There have been recent developments in sports content coming to Apple TV+, with a report on Tuesday claiming that a yet-unnamed Formula One film set to star Brad Pitt was in the works. The Formula One film is similarly in the early stages of development.