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Kasa releases HomeKit-enabled Smart Wifi Plug Slim with Energy Monitoring

Kasa Smart Wifi Plug Slim with Energy Monitoring and HomeKit compatibility

Monitor your energy usage in a plug that takes up minimal space on an outlet with the new HomeKit-enabled Smart Wifi Plug Slim.

The 15A 120V outlet is built to fit in a standard electrical plug with a ground and is small enough to be stacked in a two-outlet wall socket. The Kasa Smart Wifi Plug Slim can be controlled from the Kasa Smart app or Apple HomeKit.

The Kasa Smart app allows users to automate the Smart Wifi Plug Slim along with other Kasa products. Also, the energy monitoring feature gives users real-time and historical power consumption within the app.

When the plug is added to HomeKit, it appears within the Apple Home app as a configurable outlet. Users can select what type of device it controls, label it, and assign it to a specific room.

The Home app can only control the outlet and can't display the energy monitoring data. Owners will have to use the Kasa app to access that data.

Get the Kasa Smart Wifi Plug Slim with Energy Monitoring in a four-pack on Amazon for $49.99.