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New Adobe Premiere Pro update brings video encoding improvements to Apple Silicon

A June 2022 update to Premiere Pro brings proxy workflow and graphics improvements to both the Mac and PC apps.

Issued on Tuesday, the update to Adobe's Premiere Pro is cross-platform, and couples new features with improvements to existing ones.

Proxy Badges help differentiate the source and proxy media files, as well as the option to burn-in watermarks so the type of footage is also instantly recognized by the crew.

New "gradients, strokes, and shadows" to text graphics have been added to the application. They are located in the Essential Graphics toolkit.

Updates to the Essentials workspace now features toggles for control panel options such as color, effects, and graphics settings.

The improved social content features will optimize videos made for portrait orientations.

There are new GPU-accelerated effects, improved H.264 and HEVC encoding for Apple Silicon Macs, and support for the RED V-RAPTOR camera.

The update to the Premiere Pro application is available now. Individual plans start at $20.99 per month at or you can access Premiere Pro through the All Apps plan.