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Apple TV with A14 & new HomePod with Apple Watch S8 chip rumored for 2023

Apple's next model of Apple TV will use the A14 chip and be more gaming-capable, according to a report, while a new third HomePod could use the same chip as the Apple Watch Series 8.

Apple stayed relatively quiet about the Apple TV during WWDC, but it is still planning updates to the streaming set-top box as part of its home entertainment updates. For the next model, Apple may be planning to offer more performance in the device.

According to Mark Gurman's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple's next Apple TV is codenamed J255, and is currently being developed with the A14 chip. Not only is it an upgrade from the A12 used in the 2021 model, but it also includes an extra gigabyte of memory.

Gurman reasons the new model should be useful for "additional gaming capabilities" arriving in tvOS 16.

Along with the Apple TV, Gurman also says that a third model of HomePod will be on the way. The update to the smart speaker, codenamed B620, will apparently run on the S8 chip, which will supposedly be used in the Apple Watch Series 8.

The model will apparently be closer to the original HomePod in terms of size and performance, and will feature an updated display on the top with "multi-touch functionality."

Gurman doesn't offer an update time for the Apple TV, but offers that the HomePod is "unlikely to arrive until next year."