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Leaked iPhone 14 Pro Max schematic corroborates previous diagrams

The 'iPhone 14 Pro Max' camera bump will be over 4 mm thick

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to be slightly thicker than the iPhone 13 Pro Max — and a new set of schematics aligns with previously leaked dimensions for the device.

A paper schematic was shared via Baidu and reposted on Twitter, which shows a printed-out schematic drawing of the "iPhone 14 Pro Max." The dimensions are clearly printed and show a slight thickness increase over the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The schematic was tweeted by user ShrimpApplePro, which has a history of sharing Apple-related leaks.

When compared to previously leaked diagrams, the dimensions seem to line up. The numbers are near identical except for the device width, which was 77.58 mm versus 78.78 mm in the new schematic.

Dimensions"iPhone 14 Pro Max"iPhone 13 Pro Max
Height160.71 mm160.8 mm
Width78.78 mm78.1 mm
Depth7.85 mm7.65 mm

It isn't clear why the two diagrams would have slightly different device widths. However, the new width is actually wider than the iPhone 13 Pro Max while the old width suggested a slightly thinner design.

New dimensions were also provided to include the camera bump thickness. The body thickness minus the camera bump is 7.85 mm. Include the camera bump and the body thickness is 12.02 mm, which means the camera bump is over 4 mm thick.

That large camera bump isn't a surprise, but leaks released just before the iPhone 13 was announced suggested Apple would get rid of the camera bump. These leaked diagrams show that Apple is clearly keeping it around.

Apple is expected to announce the "iPhone 14 Pro Max" during an Apple Event in September. It is expected to include a new iPhone 14 Max in place of the "mini" device to provide users with a new large size that isn't a pro model.

The provenance of the diagrams isn't clear.