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Mass email from iTunes Connect about banking info was sent in error

An unknown but large number of Apple users were mistakenly sent emails about iTunes Connect billing or banking details — even if they are not iTunes Connect users.

Over a span of a few hours on July 27, 2022, the incorrect iTunes Connect emails were sent out en masse. All users who received one should then have also received an apology, but AppleInsider staff have seen inconsistencies, with different accounts getting apologies from those that got the error.

In the emails sent to AppleInsider, the iTunes Connect warning concerned banking details. Users were being told that they had to update their banking details in order to get payments from iTunes Connect.

It's not possible to unknowingly become an iTunes Connect user, even though the service is free. Authors, musicians and developers sign up for iTunes Connect in order to distribute their works across Apple Music, Apple Books, and the App Store.

The emails were clearly a mistake and Apple has at least attempted to apologize to everyone who got one, sometimes before the original email asking for banking information arrived. But the fact that an iTunes Connect warning went out even to people who may never have heard of iTunes Connect, is more serious.

As the AppleInsider feature on how to make ebooks on a Mac showed, some of Apple's back-end systems can be an ancient mishmash. They run on elements culled from different firms Apple has acquired, and seemingly have seen little further development in many years.