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Apple lays off 100 recruiters as hiring becomes more 'deliberate'

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Around 100 contractor recruiters have now been laid off at Apple, although an unknown number of others remain, as do the company's full-time recruitment workers.

Apple has recently been reported to be planning to slow down adding new staff. Tim Cook has directly said that he wouldn't characterize it as such, and instead says hiring will now be more "deliberate."

According to Business Standard, however, the company has now laid off some of its recruitment staff. Some 100 who were employed on a contract basis, have reportedly been laid off in the last week.

The 100 include recruiters based at Apple's offices in Texas and Singapore. Reportedly not all such contractors were laid off, and it appears that Apple is retaining all of its full-time recruiters.

Unnamed sources told the publication that workers had been informed cuts were being made due to changes in Apple's business needs. Contractors are reportedly to receive pay and medical benefits for two weeks.

It's a rare move for Apple, but not unprecedented. In 2016, the company laid off all of its contract recruiters.